Where do you want to go today?

I thought that slogan of the Microsoft company might be appropriate to the story about a world-wide worm attack on computers running Microsoft Windows 2000 operating system, but, alas, the tag-line seems even more appropriate for this horror show of today, a bus station bombing in Baghdad that has resulted in at least 43 deaths.
Of course, both stories kind of come down to the same two word phrase: American arrogance. Microsoft has gone on to be the biggest success story in American financial history not by giving the world a better product, but by being an aggressive monopolist (occasionally illegally aggressive), deliberately making its products incompatible with competitors (and frequently with itself), and, well, you know the rest. I go through a computer an average of more than once a year, simply because the damned things get attacked by spyware and crap that Windows operating systems are notoriously vulnerable to. Anyway… this sort of thing will just keep happening, because of the way Microsoft does business.
And as to Baghdad, well… not much more I can say on that score. Fortunately, it looks like we can make up another artificial deadline, in this case, a draft constitution by next Monday, which may get the political-feel-good-bandwagon back on track, as Iraq slowly moves its way toward becoming a Shiite-dominated theocratic autocracy closely aligned with our pals in Tehran (with an autonomous Kurdish enclave, that should make our friends in Ankara happy!)
No… not much more I can say about Baghdad…
Where do you want to go today? Well… “not Iraq” comes to mind…