A mind is a terrible thing to waste

And so here we are: four years after 9-11, to the day. I occasionally let loose on the subject, and my current thoughts are in this post over at The American Street.
I do, as I periodically do, want to take a moment to remember a particular hero of that horrible morning: Richard Pearlman, a volunteer medic, who, unlike the other rescuer-heroes of that date, wasn’t paid to risk his life. It wasn’t his job: it was his love. He was a volunteer medic with an ambulance company in Queens, and he was (literally) an Eagle Scout. On that morning, he was making a delivery for his job with a law firm and found himself downtown near police headquarters, when he took out his “EMT” badge, and took himself to, and into, the burning World Trade Center, to try to help whoever he could, making the ultimate sacrifice in the process.
Compare and contrast our current national leadership. And please try not to puke in the process.