The Brown Derby

This post is cross-posted over at Sisyphus Shrugged… Evidently the reluctant-designated-Katrina-fall-guy former FEMA chief Michael Brown testified before a senate committee… and disabused the nation of much of what the White House had been spinning with respect to the President’s professed ignorance about just how bad things were in New Orleans.
Brown noted that he spoke to a Deputy White House Chief of Staff, advising of the situation in New Orleans; he called claims that the White House and top Homeland Security Department officials that they didn’t know there were levee breaches in New Orleans “baloney”.
Brown fenced with members of the committee, particularly Republican Senator Norm “Genius” Coleman from Minnesota, asking the senator “What do you want from me? I already said I’m sorry.”
Earlier in the week, Brown apparently had inquired as to whether the White House wanted to assert executive privilege on the grounds of “It might embarrass the Bush Administration.” The answer, apparently, is no…
Coming juxtaposed with the President’s bogus attempt to divert attention from his illegal (and frankly, impeachable) ordering of warrantless surveillance against his domestic political opponents through announcement of a bogus plot associated with an airliner crashing into the Library Tower in Los Angeles, and a story that Lewis “Scooter” Libby testified that Vice President Cheney directed him to leak classified information to the press as part of an ongoing campaign to discredit political enemy Joseph Wilson… let’s just say, Karl doesn’t seem to be on top of his game.
Ask not what Brown can do for you… just don’t ask…