Any storm in the port deal

Today’s revelation comes from this story in the Jerusalem Post, observing that Dubai Ports World is a proud participant in the Arab world’s boycott against goods and services originating in the State of Israel; participating in that boycott is, of course, against American law, and should, by itself, it is intimated at least by the story, be a sufficient basis to block the port deal under which the Emir of Dubai will secure operational control of 21 American ports (not just six) from Maine to Texas.
Given his inconceivably bad 34% approval rating, the worst of his presidency, Bush has picked a very opportune time to… leave town. In this case, his tour of South Asia, notably India, Pakistan, and maybe Afghanistan.
While conventional wisdom is that a foreign tour will be good for that approval rating, making him look all presidential and s***, the fact is, he’ll be meeting swarthy foreign looking people… the same kind of people generically (Asian) who are going to be acquiring our ports if it were up to him; does Joe Limbaugh-Listener really care about the distinction between A-rabs, In-juns and Packerstonnees? I wouldn’t think so. The people already aware of such distinctions hate Bush. That doesn’t leave much room for an improvement. The one thing you can say is that maybe he can’t f*** things up worse.
We’ll see. As I said… there are starting to be openings in the GOP fortress walls. Could this all be intentional by Karl to help make Congressional Republicans look tough by comparison and distance themselves from an unpopular president– dump on Bush to save him? Stick around…