Victor’s justice (Texas style)

In the most unsurprising affirmance in the history of unsurprising affirmances, the Iraqi appeals court set up to affirm death sentences imposed by Iraqi death sentence courts has affirmed the death sentence of Saddam Hussein by hanging (he said he preferred to be shot).
Given that the Vice-President has recently suggested that American forces take sides in the escalating Iraqi civil war on the side of the Shiites, executing the former Sunni President would be a nice way to kick off the festivities. I suggest former New York Jet Mark Gastineau as honorary executioner (or at least, part of the halftime show, so he can perform his legendary sack dance). Given that a number of defense attorneys have been killed during the trial, and a judge replaced for suggesting the mere possibility that he had an open mind as to Saddam Hussein’s guilt, pretentions of a “fair trial” have long given way to “the due process he had was close enough.” Besides… who really cares if we give Saddam Hussein a fair trial?
Given that the Iraq war has outlasted American involvement in World War II, American combat deaths in Iraq will likely soon exceed the 9-11 death toll (this will be the one occasion for which the President will not juxtapose 9-11 and Iraq in the same sentence), and the mid-terms have been safely lost by the GOP as the American public continues to express its outrage at how things are going in Iraq… one does wonder just who (besides, perhaps, the Mahdi Army and its allied Shiite extremists) will be impressed by our orchestrating of the execution of Saddam Hussein. Well, surely some Americans will approve of anything that involves a good hangin’.
Just something else to think about as the President goes off to Texas to ponder just how long he can thumb his nose at the American people and defy national will (and the Iraq Study Group report… and reality…) and extend, if not even escalate (or “surge”) the successful continuation of O.I.L. (Operation Iraqi Liberation) and its 46th consecutive successful month of keeping Iraqi oil in the ground.
Yee ha.