“German Taliban” to be released?

It would appear that German born Turkish national Murat Kurnaz is scheduled to be released from Guantanamo and returned home to Germany, by tomorrow. Kurnaz is one of numerous detainees (the overwhelming majority, actually) against the whom the evidence of terrorism connections is… attenuated at best, and in reality, ludicrous. My interview with Baher Azmy, one of Mr. Kurnaz’s attorneys, is here.
Kurnaz is easier to release than most of the prisoners: we’re not likely to see Germany imprison or torture him, unlike, for example, Saudi Arabia or Yemen where many or most of the Gitmo prisoners are from (or, for example, China as in the case of the Uighurs.)
Alas, the answer is ultimately going to have to be a “we broke it we bought it”… if we can’t find homes for these overwhelmingly innocent men, we’re going to have to eventually absorb them (or perhaps, if and when Mr. Castro kicks off, I suppose we can always try to leave them on the other side of the Gitmo fence line.)