Divide and Conquer (the hearts of the rubes)

The Grey Lady gives us this further discussion and analysis of the President’s press conference, wherein the President made it very clear that “the Democrat Party” wants to cut and run from Iraq, and, let’s face it, if you vote for a Democrat in the mid-term elections, Osama bin Laden will personally follow you home and murder your children.
As we come up on the fifth anniversary of September 11, 2001, look for the fever pitch of this kind of argument– which, when you look at it in the light I just presented it, is incredibily asinine. But, in substance, that’s the argument. In practical terms, of course, the President runs foreign policy and the military; at this point, all Congress can provide is oversight and some level of accountability.
What the President (who famously said “I’m a uniter not a divider”) means is that voters should irrationally fear the consequences of restoring checks and balances to the government, if they elect the opposition party to a majority in either house of Congress (let alone both), somewhat reminiscent of his lashing out earlier in the week at accountability from the judicial branch.
It really is as simple as that: his campaign for Republican control of Congress is based quite simply on that position: an accountable government, and the terrorists will win.
I suppose there are still people who fall for that sort of nonsense. By all means, they should vote Republican. For everyone else, this sort of appeal to baser fears and instincts has worn off. It’s not even clear what effect the three or four “orange alert” terror scares between now and the election (by the way, this is the only country in the world that tells the terrorists how much we are paying attention so that they can best plan their attacks, if they were planning any), and the Zawahiri and OBL tapes we can expect in early and late October, respectively, will have on most people.
It sure looks like not even Diebold will be enough this time. Of course, I’ve been wrong before.