More “restoring honor and integrity to the government”

Deputy press secretary for the Department of Not Doing Anything At All to Help in the Event of a Crisis Homeland Security Brian Doyle was indicted in Polk County, Florida and awaits extradition on charges that he attempted to seduce what he believed to be a 14-year old girl over the internet.
Obviously, he didn’t have enough to do as deputy press secretary to Michael Chertoff’s… department. We already had domestic policy advisor Claude Allen resign after shop-lifting charges, the Vice-President’s chief of staff Scooter Libby, of course, resigned for Plamegate after indictment by the special prosecutor (who may not be done yet), and there are the whole panoply of charges swimming around the Abramoff scandal, some inextricably intertwined with the “retiring” Tom “Jesus” DeLay.
But as far as I recall, the one thing you could say about the crop of Bushies and their Republican allies, in contrast to Clinton, was that it was never about sex. (Don’t ask me why that ever made a difference; the irritating combination of prurience and prudishness endemic in this country is a wonder to the rest of the world… and not in a good way.)
Well, guess what? This one is about sex. And the grossest kind of sex: icky sexual advances toward what Mr. Doyle believed to be a 14-year old girl (he is 55). I guess the Bush Administration will write him off as an isolated incident and a very minor player in the great scheme of things.
We’ll try not to let this awful news dampen the good news that virtually all of the benefit of the ’03 round of investment tax cuts went to taxpayers with incomes over $10 million per year… While Doyle may be a disgusting pervert (entitled to be presumed innocent until proven guilty… as if!)… at least the job of the President’s (and the Republican Congress’s) tax cuts ensuring that the rich don’t pay taxes at rates any higher than poor people continues unabated.