$70 billion here, $70 billion there…

Neither rain, nor sleet, nor snow, nor 36% approval ratings, nor over 2,400 dead U.S. troops in Iraq, nor record high gasoline prices, nor most especially a record high federal budget deficit poised only to get worse can stop these Republicans from their appointed rounds of tax-cuts for America’s most affluent, today, a $70 billion extension of 2003 tax cuts on dividends, capital gains, and other measures intended to be redistributive toward those most affluent, while affording minimal tax relief to anyone else, though of course, pressure to slash social spending will increase.
The GOP official statement is that it is believed that these regressive, non-stimulative asinine tax cuts will “stimulate the economy” which, of course, they haven’t done yet… more likely, they will do little or nothing– perhaps a few jobs may be credited against ballooning the already gigantic federal deficit to create them. The thought is that this will help the GOP’s political fortunes. The reality is it will help the GOP’s clients’ actual fortunes– which is all this is, and it all it ever was, about. And that’s true even if it ends up costing them one or both Houses of Congress in November (as if!)
Don’t look for Democrats to run on a very, very, VERY simple, and honest, promise: vote us in and we will restore the revenue lost from every single God damned insane tax cut since these m***er f****rs began running our country’s finances into the ground… and if the economy tanks, then you can kiss our asses and vote us out. But God damn it, that’s what we’re going to do, and you can God damned grow up for a change and take responsible steps to let us get out of this freaking financial death-spiral in an orderly way, or you can let those shortsighted b*****ds merrily take us into an eventual Argentine style default followed by an Argentine style lifestyle adjustment for, oh, 98, 99% of the population (the part that doesn’t hire lobbyists and bribe members of Congress, and hence, the part that doesn’t matter.)
But don’t look for any of that. Political courage remains in short supply all around. Alas, Colbert isn’t a member of Congress.