Rove Tuesday (or “The Grinch who stole Fitzmas”)

Karl Rove’s attorney Robert Luskin announced that he, Rove and the White House have been advised by the office of Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald that it is unlikely that Karl Rove will be indicted as part of the Valerie Plame leak probe. Rove has made innumerable appearances before the Grand Jury in last minute efforts to save his own (and, therefore, the President’s) ass… and apparently these efforts have been successful.
It is unclear what, of course, Rove’s legal team has successfully accomplished (other than the only thing that matters, of course, and the only thing that should matter to it, i.e., keeping its man out of the dock). Has Rove successfully implcated someone else (such as the Vice-President)? Or has Rove successfully laid out a defense strategy that Fitzgerald realizes he won’t be able to overcome? Unlike every other department in the government, it seems that Fitzgerald’s office has managed to keep its secrets… short answer… we don’t know, and we may never know.
For those who object to “Martha Stewart” type prosecutions (i.e. the crime is not the crime, but some sort of technical “lying to or misleading” investigators with the caveat that such prosecutions are, of course, acceptable against the likes of major Democratic donors such as Stewart hereself) this will come as somewhat of a victory.
And there we have it. For those who somehow had grand illusions about how the world really works, perhaps this will disabuse you of those.
No, in general, the really powerful pretty much just don’t have to be troubled about the consequences of their actions.
And, apparently, that’s still the law.