I’ve tried to minimize discussion of the upcoming primary challenge to Joe Lieberman in Connecticut because, quite frankly, I believe that multi-millionaire Ned Lamont should be funding his own damned run, and by not doing so, is diverting critical money and energy that could be used by Connecticut Congressional candidates Diane Farrell, Joe Courtney and Chris Murphy to unseat Republican incumbents… Plus, Joe’s pro-war stance shouldn’t be any more offensive to Democrats than, say, that of my own state’s senators Schumer or Clinton.
But then Joe Lieberman opens his damned mouth, such as described in this WaPo Op-Ed, where Lieberman whines about his putting country over party (i.e. calling opposition to the Iraq war “unpatriotic” in the same distasteful way as opponents of the Democratic Party)… and I’ll be damned if I don’t want to give money to Ned Lamont myself!
Joe-Mentum: let me re-write your script a little. Try the following: “We live in a free country, where any multi-millionaire has the right to take on a three-term incumbent senator. Bring it on, Ned, bring it on. The people of Connecticut appreciate that I serve their interests by voting and voicing my conscience; I’m quite certain that I have earned their trust, and that they will honor that trust by sending me back to Washington for a fourth term, whether or not I am in lockstep agreement with everyone on every issue.”
(You see, Joe, that’s how winners talk; losers whine about being betrayed by their own party, and how they’ll run as independents. Or, in simple terms, just remember everything you did when you were Al Gore’s running-mate, and do the mirror opposite, and you’ll sail to reelection.)