Keeping it real

While the media continues its ongoing obsession with sex, money and politics, Candace reminds us that her client Al-Ghizzawi is still dying at the hands of our government. We are holding this man that the military itself has found to be no threat to this country out of sheer spite, and we are continuing to deny him basic medical care while he is quite literally dying as “our guest” at Guantanamo out of even crueler arrogance… all because too many of us think that arbitrarily holding and torturing other human beings “makes us safer”.
As I suggested to Andy, whom Familia TD had the pleasure of hosting earlier in the week, why have we concluded that 19 Arabs with boxcutters who managed to crash planes into a building across the street from where I sat one morning (and then still walked home, very much alive) are somehow more dangerous (and hence more worthy of flushing our moral and civic values and civil rights and freedoms down the toilet for) than were hundreds if not thousands of nuclear armed Soviet ICBMs pointed at us, which would not only kill people, but end everything? Could it be that we are simply more stupid as people now than we were in the 1950s, 60s and 70s?
I really don’t have a better explanation than that for our having stood for what has been done in our name.