Vox parvi populi

I'm Demi Lovato. This is me.  Deal with it.
Daddy’s breaking all the rules and letting me do a mid-week V.P.P., since tomorrow is the last day of school (and only a half day at that!) Today was pajama day, which sounds more fun than it is, since mostly, we all lie down on the floor with our blankets and pillows and stuffed animals and read to ourselves, because by this time of the school year, the teacher has had it.
Oh yes… that’s Demi Lovato up there, from “Camp Rock,” as if I’ve seen it, which I haven’t. Anyway, Daddy (supernatural? alien? just plain mean?) cut off the cable, so I can’t see any of these new flicks, until the videos come out. Boring. I just sit home with my blankets, pillows and stuffed animals and read to myself (because by this time of day, Daddy tells me he’s had it.)
But Daddy tells me that besides our next President (Barack Obama) and not-our-next-Supreme-Court-Justice, Miguel Estrada, his obscure little college class also boasts a candidate for national office from the Libertarian Party (is that some kind of a joke?) Actually, Wayne Allyn Root does seem to be something of a joke, though admittedly, a funny one.
Anyway, Wayne, I think Demi is too young for you. Even if you “libertarians” might think otherwise. So back off. And vote for Barack. This has been… “Vox parvi populi.” [BTW, does anyone seriously think that a child actually writes this?]