Read it and weep (or… bleep)

“It” is the Grey Lady’s account of the resurgence of al Qaeda strength in the form of training camps and evident operational capacity now located in the tribal areas of Pakistan (a distance of perhaps 100 miles or so from their previous epicenter in Afghanistan) as a direct and inevitable result of the Bush Administration’s diversion of assets from The Hunt for bin Laden (TM) to The Excellent Iraq Adventure (TM). The conspiratorial among us will say things like “oil is thicker than blood…” or, well, things like that.
The more realistic will simply point out what Sen. Obama has been saying: some policies are just stupid, and “stupid” is about as accurate a word as can be used to describe Bush II policies on… just about everything, but war policy moreso than anything.
The good news is that, having caved to bin Laden’s most cherished demand that the U.S. of A. bug out from Saudi in 2003, it’s not clear that A.Q./H.Q. is as motivated to attack us here in “the Homeland” as it once was. The bad news is that we are as clueless as to its motivations as we ever were. Not to mention our own.