Happy new year

I should probably just leave it at that, and say, welcome to 2009.
I should probably not mention a pair of great FDL pieces (one by Jane Hamsher and one by bmaz on Empty Wheel’s line), both discussing the wonderful conundrum that Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich has placed the worthless slugs known as the Senate Democratic Caucus in, by forcing them to block Roald Burris, former comptroller and attorney general of Illinois, a universally respected 71 year old man (did I mention he’s a Black man?) from taking an office to which he was lawfully appointed because they have decided to find him guilty of association with Blagojevich, who, btw, is guilty of having a foul mouth, and thus far at least, accepting the press release and public statements of the Bernard Madoff of prosecutors U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald, not much else.
I should note that while not weighing in on issues raising from the possible appointment of, um, you know, his um, vice-presidential vetter, um, what’s her name, Caroline, um, Kennedy Schlossberg Kennedy to the New York Senate seat, or the massive Israeli military assault on Gaza (which has left hundreds dead and thousands wounded so far), or even the economy and that evidently critical “stimulus” package… President-elect Obama did use the opportunity between rounds of golf in Hawaii to comment that he was critical of Blago and Burris and that he supported the blatantly unconstitutional high-minded intent of Senate Democrats to block his being seated as Illinois’s junior senator.
No… we’ll have the rest of the year… if not the next several years… for all of that. For now… just… happy new year.