Do you believe in miracles?

Faith in the miraculous (whether or not one accepts the premise of some “higher being” responsible) was rewarded today in my fair city when, just a few miles from my office (downtown, conveniently nestled between Ground Zero and the Stock Exchange) a U.S. Airways jet bound for Charlotte crash-landed in the Hudson River… and all 155 people on board survived.
Obviously, the events of the last seven years (culminating in the degrading, possibly irreparably, of our economy, our military, our standing in the world, our Constitutional protections and our environment largely because the Bush Administration was reelected in 2004) were set in motion by another New York area aviation disaster, when two jets were crashed into the World Trade Center, where those pilots were trying to kill themselves and everyone around them… it’s not just me who sees it that way… George W. Bush himself sees it that way
Today… the pilot, Capt. C.B. “Sully” Sullenberger, was trying to save everyone, and let’s just say, many people owe their lives to his fancy flying.
On this, the actual 80th birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., five days before the first Columbia College graduate (and African American) is inaugurated as our 44th President, in the river just a few hundred yards from where our next President (and your talking dog) went to college a quarter century ago… we had a miraculous, happy ending.
May it be the harbinger of many more to come.