While no one (here) was looking

To CNN’s credit, after its early failures to adequately cover the fluid, massive protests in Iran following that nation’s recent election in which controversial President Mahmoud Ahmadinedjad was reelected in an extremely controversial, widely believed to be rigged and illegitimate vote count, it seems to have gotten the message.
So, while it’s unfortunate that the story is the Iranian government cracking down on a protest rally with its usual brutality on the tenth anniversary of a massive student protest ten years ago (back when Iran had its reformist President Khatami), I’m glad to see CNN covering it. One might think the air is out of the sails of the Iranian resistance movement… or perhaps, they are going underground and organizing for something in the future, and don’t operate on Americans rather short attention span. Don’t know… and if it were up to American media coverage, we never would… so it’s nice to see something.
I realize it’s nowhere near as important as Michael Jackson’s pharmacist or Michele Obama’s handbag, but at least I’m interested in it. What can I say?
Update: Amnesty International urges you to take action viz asking Iranian officials to protect dissident’s rights. I made my voice be heard; I urge that you do the same.