Winter is coming

For a rather grim math lesson about the ebola outbreak, this post from John Michael Greer will more than do the trick. To summarize, absent successful intervention, various factors that slow these things down some, dumb luck, etc., if the present reports of the ebola virus doubling in infections every three weeks or so are in fact accurate, and human transmission patterns proceed apace in our ever more “globalized” world… an outbreak like this, at that rate (with somewhere between 50-90% fatality rate of those contracting ebola)… would result in something like everyone on Earth being exposed by, say, end of next year, with between roughly 1/3 and 1/2 of humanity dead as a result. More or less, of course.
But… please tell us about ISIS, or Ukraine (it’s been a while). or the NFL and its enlightened attitude toward battering women or child abuse… or about the sainted Derek Jeter (suggested to be “the most ineffective defensive player in any position,”.. the “worst fielder in the majors“)… or much of anything else. Please don’t tell us how the number of cases of ebola now in Texas… may have doubled (albeit “only” to two, but hey– surely our fabulous Western medicine will save us from any kind of really nasty outbreak… because… we want it to?).
We’ll have to count for leadership on protecting this planet from a possibly unstoppable and viciously fatal outbreak on a White House that can’t seem to keep track of break-ins on itself.
Ironically, this would be an excellent time for “hope” and “change”… we can hope that this isn’t “the big one,” and it can be contained, which will involve change in American leadership (and that of its usual allies) away from their usual dumb-ass-ery.
Prayer may or may not be ineffective… but it seems like a pretty good idea right about now.