Apocalypse begins at home

The road to hell is paved with good intentions, and leads to a couple of bowling allies in Brooklyn, and is traversed by Uber cabs… so we learned from the cautionary tale of Dr.
Craig Spencer,
a self-described goofball who heroically treated ebola cases in Guinea, West Africa, as a physician with Doctors Without Brains Borders… decided that his “self-quarantine” was too restricting, so he “voluntarily” checked out of… his apartment, and hopped a couple of car services across the East River from Upper Manhattan (near his regular job at New York Presbyterian Hospital) to Williamsburg, Brooklyn… so he could go bowling. Only God knows what else he did, and who else he contaminated came in contact with. Oh… did I mention that he has now tested positive for ebola? Maybe that’s kind of important to know… [Hey, why should Ottawa get all the excitement?]
So far, so good, until the good doctor spiked 103 degree fever, and was carted involuntarily off to Bellevue, where his quarantine will no longer be “self-managed.” [Bellevue seems somehow appropriate, no?] Seems… Dr. Spencer tested positive for… ebola.
Defies further comment. Should do wonders for Uber’s business. Dr. Spencer apparently is here to go bowling, update his Facebook page and otherwise be an infectious goofball. The rest of us only have to try to live in this city. Nice– a physician who has seen the gruesomeness of this disease intimately– gets back here and handles it all… as a goof. A huge joke on the rest of us.
Except that it’s really hard to imagine any other American not behaving the same way… I mean, everything is about instant gratification, self-indulgence, damn the broader consequences… I mean, Dr. Spencer seems like… any one of us.
A goofball.