Damning with faint support

“A few hundred, perhaps” pro-Trump supporters evidently showed up at rallies near NYC’s Trump Tower, in Washington and perhaps elsewhere. To be fair, it’s cold out and all.
We now pass through day 43 and into day 44 of the clusterfuck known as the Trump Administration, noting that Vegas odds-makers have now concluded that America’s Own Annoying Orange[TM] won’t last a full term, and of course, his polling numbers are at a record low for a President this early in his [it’s always been a his] term, although unsurprisingly strong among Republicans, to whom he has been shamelessly pandering.
I don’t know. My good friend Donald J. Putin reports that twittering remains a target-rich environment. Today, for example, the Jewish Sabbath under which Presidential-Minder-and-Son-in-Law Jared Kushner retreats for the holiday and Steve “Comic Book Guy” Bannon takes to the fore, the President has reverted to own his uncontrollable twittering habit to accuse President Obama of wire-tapping him at the Trump Tower last October. No evidence, of course. Evidently bored with the mere accusation that his predecessor committed Nixonian crimes against him, he also attacked his television successor Arnold Schwarzenegger, contending that the former California governor “was fired for pathetic ratings,” again without evidence; for his part, Schwarzenegger observed that “the Trump brand” is pretty radioactive (you think?)
So here we are. It seems indisputable that the Russian state did all within its power to defeat Hillary Clinton, even if that meant that an unstable Donald Trump would win the presidency. It’s not as if he doesn’t owe lots of money to Russia, and hence, is “reliable” for Moscow’s purposes, even if unstable for everything else.
And… well… here we are. It seems obvious that Mr. Trump, who has devoted his life to gratuitously making enemies (and then whining that he is the injured party) somehow believed that this troublesome modus operandi would somehow still play as President of the United States, where a vast bureaucracy of quite literally millions of people has an almost infinite array of means of pushing back against “leadership” with whom it “has issues.” So far… it hasn’t really played well. Sure, he’s pushing a few Republican wet-dreams of abusing undocumented immigrants (many of whom have U.S. citizen dependents). talking up his attempt at a Muslim immigration ban, and of course, trashing regulations intended to protect health, safety and the environment, but by and large, he’s mostly in his own way,
In short, his ineptitude appears to trump his malevolence. Not that I’m complaining.