Follow up on the Mutiny on the Tigris: Vehicles Sitting Ducks

We learn more about the 18 or so reservists from the 343rd Quartermasters based in South Carolina who refused to drive their trucks, which had been used in largely “tranquil” southern Iraq, through good old Baghdad. It seems that their trucks were not only not armored, but were also in frequent disrepair.
In some sense, I think the point is that the $87 billion extorted from Congress by the Bush Administration to pay for this adventure (supplemented by what even Dick Cheney admits is another $50 billion or so, and is actually well over $100 billion) was nowhere near sufficient to provide our service personnel with adequately armored vehicles and other measures that our personnel themselves believe necessary for their protection. Hence… what difference does it make if Senators Kerry and Edwards voted against the $87B? Whatever it was about, it sure as hell wasn’t about providing safety or protective equipment or even adequate armor to our troops– and Kerry damned well ought to start calling Bush for demagoguing it that way. (BTW, the talking dog’s former running mate Bruce M. suggests that Kerry publicly demand that Mary Cheney herself tell the world if she was offended by Senator Kerry’s remarks, if she wishes him to apologize, and if so why… sort of a proactive move by Kerry of the kind he should have made with the Swift Boat Veterans bullshit, lest the Bush campaign theme (“Look over there!”) stick among our largely uninformed electorate. But I digress.)
Needless to say, poor morale among our troops in Iraq would seem to be determined more by events like this– inadequate provisioning by our government, and absurdly dangerous assignments– than by John Kerry questioning the almost uniformly bad decisions made by his Holy Infallibleness, the President.
Of course, that’s just me.
(BTW, Secretary Rumsfeld may not have predicted how many troops we needed in Iraq or how well they needed be equipped, with any degree of accuracy, but he may have a brilliant career ahead of him as a sports tout, as the ‘Stros are right in the thick of it.)