Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeere’s……. Osama

Well, with just four days to go until the election, we were wondering who else might chime in. We got our answer: Al Qaeda kingpin and former world’s most dangerous man Osama bin Laden, with a video shown on Al Jazeera television.
Republicans have three days now to twist the rather cryptic message into “a vote for Kerry is a vote for bin Laden”, or more likely, “if you even THINK about voting against the Imperium, terrorists will kill your children”. The video message seems to have pointed out that Bush probably got a lot more people killed by reading “My Pet Goat” (instead of taking, you know, action) and noted that regardless of who the American President happens to be, Middle East policy that pisses off bin Laden (and being a homocidal psychopath, of course) is what drives him, rather than who we select on Tuesday.
This is the first video appearance by OBL since late 2001 (though he has made around seven audio tapes since that time).
Given that the nation’s intelligence services would seem to have decided to exact their revenge on Bush by releasing embarassing stuff at inopportune times, one wonders immediately if, in fact, the release of this tape now is not just a subtle reminder to everyone that OBL is still breathing because of the Dauphin’s deliberate choice to target Bush family irritant Saddam Hussein rather than actual threat OBL. Of course, look for the Bush-backers to tell us that this points out why we need ” a strong leader” for the ongoing war on terror (which, of course, if Bush is reelected, will be self-perpetuationg, along with the charming notion that not lock-step supporting an incompetent and dangerous president is somehow “unpatriotic”.)
Well, well. Four days to go. Osama is still out there and taunting us. Must be because Kerry is a waffler. I can’t think of any other reason.