See Dick Run Torture Chambers

Former aide to former Secretary of State Larry Wilkerson has continued his irritating-to-the-Administration disclosures, by pointing out that “guidance” for our Defense Department’s various methods of torture masquerading as “interrogation” originated in the office of the Vice-President (hat to tip to a recently peripatetic Bruce the Veep.)
While the likes of ignoramuses such as Lynndie England and Charles Graner are the poster-children for American torture, it is painfully obvious to all but the most dishonest knee-jerk supporters of the Bush Administration that the policies associated with… relaxing what had at one time been strict American standards for humane treatment of those our military captured during combat operations… originated at a somewhat higher pay grade than buck private or sergeant…. probably at, oh, at least, officer… or perhaps general officer… or perhaps cabinet secretary… or perhaps the White House.
Col. Wilkerson adds credence to the last one, and surprise, surprise, the Howling Harpy of Halliburton appears to be… as Stansfield Turner recently told us… the Vice-President in charge of torture. Unclear where all this is going, of course. It’s unclear whether the feckless Bob Woodward will prove to be a Deus ex Machina for Scooter (and hence, Dick Dastardly) (btw, Bruce– on fire he is– sends us this from the Times of London establishing that Woodward’s source is current NSC advisor (and yellowcake non-vetter vetter) Steven Hadley.
While such a revelation may or may not help Scooter, who will now argue, of course, that he might well have heard about Valerie Plame’s secret agent status from “a journalist,” i.e. Bob Woodward-Ho… why was Hadley telling Woodward, especially back when Hadley was Condi’s number one aide?
That could take things right back to where they were before: Dick’s lap. Worse, Junior himself may have some ‘xplainin’ to do.
Personally, I hope 5-Deferment Dick is suffering from all of this… anticipation.
Of course, I know better.