The Names

The Department of Defense has, almost unbelievably, actually complied with an order of a court doing something that the Bush Administration didn’t want to do, in this case, releasing this list of detainees held at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.
The government of our democratic and free country has decided, after holding some of these men well over four years, to tell us their names. As many of you know, the Hamdan case is coming before the Supreme Court (discussion with Salim Hamdan’s attorney Neal Katyal is contained in my interview here) which may, hopefully, spell out once and for all the legal status of our Guantanamo guests.
One of these days, perhaps the Pentagon will see fit to tell us just what it is these people did (hint: in 80-90% of their cases, the answer is “nothing”) to warrant spending our taxpayer money (and squandering what’s left of our national moral authority) to hold them under conditions that, shall we say, don’t meet our treaty obligations.
In the not inconceivable event that their names are flushed down the memory hole and disappear from other websites, I am publishing them here (by nationality) under my “extended entry” for those interested. Notice the large number of “R’s” next to those hailing from European countries, and the smaller number from… other countries. You’ll recognize a few of the names from the interviews with some of their lawyers (and hopefully, more interviews will be coming soon).
But this is, nonetheless… interesting in its own right. They say sunlight is the best disinfectant; this is just a glimmer, but its more than we had yesterday.

DETAINEES BY COUNTRY (Name, Country, “R” designates released)
Abasin, Said Afghanistan R
Abdul Ghaffar, Mulla Afghanistan R
Agha, Ismail (Muhammad Ismail) Afghanistan R
Akhber, Mohammed Afghanistan R
Ali, Sahibzada Usman Afghanistan R
Aslam, Noor Afghanistan R
Bacha, Saki Afghanistan
Bader, Abdul Manan Afghanistan R
Badr, Badrzaman Afghanistan R
Barhoumi, Sufyian Afghanistan
Barhoumi, Sufyian Afghanistan
Dost, Haji Rahim Muslim Afghanistan R
Ehsannullah Afghanistan R
Farooq, Muhammad Naim Afghanistan R
Fazil or Fadhil, Mullah Afghanistan
Ghafar, Maulvi Abdul Afghanistan R
Ghulab, Sher Afghanistan R
Gul, Lall Afghanistan R
Gul, Nate Afghanistan R
Habibulla, Nur Afghanistan R
Khairkhwa, Khairullah Afghanistan
Khan, Alif Afghanistan R
Khan, Aziz Afghanistan R
Khan, Haji Mohammed Afghanistan R
Khan, Juma Afghanistan
Khan, Merza Afghanistan R
Koochi, Naeem Afghanistan R
Mazloom, Fazel Afghanistan
Mohammed Afghanistan R
Mohammed, Hajii Faiz Afghanistan R
Mohammed, Jan Afghanistan R
Mohammed, Wazir Afghanistan
Muhammad, Mirza Afghanistan
Naqibullah Afghanistan R
Osman, Haji Afghanistan R
Osman, Mohammad Afghanistan R
Rahim, Abdur Afghanistan R
Rahman, Asadullah Afghanistan R
Rahmatullah Afghanistan R
Raouf, Mullah Abdel Afghanistan
Razeq, Abdul Afghanistan R
Rehman, Abdul Afghanistan R
Russol Habir Afghanistan R
Rustam Afghanistan
Sabitullah Afghanistan R
Sarajudim Afghanistan R
Shah, Rostum Afghanistan R
Shah, Sliman Afghanistan R
Shah, Sulaiman Afghanistan R
Shah, Zakhim Afghanistan R
Shakur, Mullah Afghanistan
Shehzada, Mullah Afghanistan R
Sidiq, Mohammed Afghanistan R
Sidiq, Muhammad Afghanistan R
Tahir, Mohammad Afghanistan R
Ullah, Asad Afghanistan
Wali, Badshah Afghanistan R
Wazir, Mohammed Afghanistan R
Zahir, Abdul Afghanistan
Zaeef, Mohammed Afghanistan
Abdullah, Abu Algeria
Ait Idir, Mustapha Algeria/Bosnia
Belkacem, Bensayah Algeria
Boumediene, Lakhdar Algeria
El Hadj, Boudella Algeria
Lahmar, Saber Algeria/Bosnia
Nechle, Mohamed Algeria
Slaa, Byami Abu Algeria
Zemiri, Ahcene Algeria (Canada resident)
Habib, Mamdouh Australia R
Hicks, David Australia
Al Balushi, Salah Abdul Rasool Bahrain
Al Dossary, Juma Mohammed Bahrain
Al Khalifa, Shaikh Salman bin Ebrahim Bahrain R
Al Merbati, Isa Bahrain
Al Noaimi, Abdulla Majid Bahrain R
Al Wadi, Adil Kamil Abdullah Bahrain
Hajee , Adel Kamel Abdullah Bahrain R
Zemmouri, Moussa Belgium R
Khadr, Abdur Rahman Canada R
Khadr, Omar Canada
Abdu Hakim, Adel China
Ahmed, Siddiq China
Qassim, Abu Bakr China
Abderrahmane, Slimane Hadj Denmark R
Al-Laithi, Sami Egypt R
El-Weleli, Reda Fadel Egypt
Mazrou, Alaa Abdel-Maqsoud Egypt
Meshad, Sherif Egypt
Rahman, Ahmed Abdel Egypt
Mohammed, Binyam Ethiopia
Benchellali, Mourad France R
Kanouni, Imad France R
Mustafa, Khaled ben France R
Patel, Mushtaq Ali France R
Ridouane, Khalid France R
Sassi, Nizar France R
Yadel, Brahim France R
Al Rawi, Bisher Iraq
Anvarkord, Mohammad Iran R
Bameri, Bahktiar Iran R
Abdul Rahman, Wesam Jordan R
Al Asmar, Khalid Jordan R
Al Banna, Jamil Jordan (U.K. resident)
Asnar, Khalid Jordan
Azzam, Hussein Jordan
Nabaytah, Hassan Jordan
al Ajmi, Abdullah Saleh Ali Kuwait R
Al Azmi, Saad Madai Saad Kuwait R
al Daihani, Mohammed Funaitel Kuwait R
Al Hameydani, Khalid Bin Abdullah Kuwait R
Al Kandari, Abdullah kamel bin Abdullah Kamal Kuwait
Al Kandari, Fayiz Mohammed Ahmed Kuwait
Al Mutairi, Khalid Abdullah Mishal Kuwait
Al Mutairi, Nasser Nijer Naser Kuwait R
Al Odah, Fawzi Khalid Abdullah Fahad Kuwait
Al Rabiah, Fwad Mahmoud Kuwait
al Shimmari, Abdulaziz SayerOwain Kuwait R
al Zamel, Adel Zamil Abdull Mohssin Kuwait R
Amin, Omar Rajab Kuwait
Deghayes, Omar Libya
Gherebi, Falen Libya
Ghereby, Salem Abdul Libya
Fauzee, Ibrahim Maldives R
Ould Slahi, Mouhamedou Mauritania
Abdullah, Ahmad Morocco
Abdullah, Noorudeen Morocco
Abdulsalam, Reswan Morocco
Ash Shaqoori, Usamah Morocco
Al Shaqoori, Yunus Morocco
Ali, Abu Sana Morocco
Al Ouali, Mohamed Morocco R
Aouzar, Mohamed Morocco R
Ash Shaqoori, Usamah Morocco
Bajadiyah, Saeed Morocco
Benchakroun, Brahim Morocco R
Binmoojan, Muhammad Morocco
Chekkouri, Redouan Morocco R
Chekkouri, Younes Morocco
Feroze, Muhammad Morocco
Ikassrien, Lahcen Morocco
Lahcini, Najib Morocco R
Laalami, Mohammad Souleymani Morocco R
Mazouz, Mohamed Morocco R
Shaqroon, Ibrahim bin Morocco
Tabarak, Abdallah (Abu Omar) Morocco R
Abbas, Muhammad Pakistan
Ahmad, Ali Pakistan R
Ahmad, Ejaz Pakistan
Ahmed, Sarfaraz Pakistan
Alam, Noor (Abdullah Mahsud Pakistan R
Ali, Sarfraz Pakistan
Ali, Syed Saim Pakistan
Amin, Aminullah Pakistan
Ansar, Muhammad Pakistan R
Anwar, Muhammad Pakistan
Ashraf, Muhammad Pakistan
Ayub, Haseeb Pakistan
Dad, Fazal Pakistan
Hanif, Muhammad Pakistan
Iilyas, Muhammad Pakistan
Iqbal, Faid or Faiq Pakistan R
Iqbal, Zafar Pakistan
Irfan, Muhammad Pakistan
Ishaq, Muhammad Pakistan R
Jamaluddin, Muhammad Pakistan R
Jan, Aziaullah Pakistan
Khan, Alef Pakistan R
Khan, Aziz Pakistan
Khan, Badshah Pakistan
Khan, Ejaz Ahmad Pakistan R
Khan, Hamood ullah Pakistan
Khan, Issa Pakistan
Khan, Muhammad Ejaz Pakistan
Khan, Muhammad Kashif Pakistan R
Khan, Tariq Aziz Pakistan R
Kifayatullah Pakistan
Manzoor, Hafiz Liaqat Pakistan R
Maula, Abdul Pakistan R
Mehmood, Majid Pakistan R
Mehmood, Talli Pakistan R
Muhammad, Ali Pakistan
Muhammad, Shah Pakistan R
Naseer, Muneer bin Pakistan
Nauman, Muhammad Pakistan
Omar, Muhammad Pakistan
Paracha, Saifullah Pakistan
Rafiq, Muhammad Pakistan
Rahim, Abdul Pakistan
Raza, Abid Pakistan
Raza, Muhammad Arshad Pakistan
Razaq, Abdul/Abdur Pakistan R
Rehman, Abdul Pakistan
Rehman, Hafiz Khalil ur Pakistan
Rehman, Sajid-ur Pakistan R
Saeed, Hafiz Ehsan Pakistan
Saeed, Muhammad Pakistan
Safeesi, Abdul Sattar Pakistan
Sagheer, Muhammad Pakistan R
Salahuddin, Ghazi Pakistan R
Sattar, Abdul Pakistan
Shah, Syed Zia Hussain Pakistan
Sultan, Zahid Pakistan
Tariq, Muhammad Pakistan
Tariq, Muhammad Pakistan
Wali, Jehan/Jan Pakistan R
Zaman, Badar uz Pakistan
Zaman, Qaisir Pakistan R
Akhmyarov, Rustam Russia R
Gumarov, Ravil Russia R
Ishmuradov, Timur Russia R
Khazhiyev, Shamil Russia R
Kudayev, Rasul Russia R
Mingazov, Ravil Russia
Odigov, Ruslan Russia R
Vakhitov, Aryat Russia R
Saudi Arabia
Aamer, Shaker Abdur-Raheem Saudi Arabia
Al Anazi, Abdullah Saudi Arabia
Al Areeni, Khalid Saudi Arabia
Al Aseemi, Fahd Sultan Ubaid Saudi Arabia
Al Aushan, Abdul Aziz Sad Saudi Arabia
Al Aushan, Salih bin Abdullah Saudi Arabia
Al Aushan, Salman Saudi Arabia
Al Badaah, Abdul Aziz bin Abdur Rahman Saudi Arabia
Al Bahooth, Ziyad bin Salih bin Muhammad< Saudi Arabia Al Barakati, Khalid Saudi Arabia Al Bedani, Abdul Khaled Ahmed Sahleh Saudi Arabia Al Fawzan, Fahd Fawzan Saudi Arabia Al Fifi, Jaber Saudi Arabia Al Fouzan, Fahd Saudi Arabia Al Ghamdi, Abdur Rahman Uthman Saudi Arabia Al Ghamdi, Khalaf Awad Saudi Arabia Al Ghamdi, Saeed Farhah Saudi Arabia Al Ghamdi, Zaid Saudi Arabia Al Ghanimi, Abdullah Muhammad Salih Saudi Arabia Al Habardi, Mane Shaman Saudi Arabia Al Harbi, Mish or Misal Saudi Arabia Al Harbi, Ibrahim Daifullah Saudi Arabia Al Harbi, Tariq Saudi Arabia Al Jowfi, Rashid Saudi Arabia Al Juaid, Rami Sad Saudi Arabia Al Judaan, Hamood Saudi Arabia Al Juhani, Badr Saudi Arabia Al Juhdali, Ziyad Saudi Arabia Al Jutaili, Fahd bin Salih bin Sulaiman Saudi Arabia Al Kaabi, Jamil Ali Saudi Arabia Al Khalafi, Asim Saudi Arabia Al Khalidi, Sulaiman Saudi Arabia Al Khowlani, Idrees Saudi Arabia Al Maaliki, Sad Saudi Arabia Al Marrah, Khalid Saudi Arabia Al Matrafi, Abdullah Saudi Arabia Al Mosleh, Abdullah Hamid Saudi Arabia Al Muraqi, Khalid bin Abdullah Saudi Arabia Al Musa, Abdul Wahab Saudi Arabia Al Nasir, Ibrahim Muhammad Saudi Arabia Al Nukhailan, Naif Saudi Arabia Al Nur, Anwar Hamdan Saudi Arabia Al Nusairi, Adil Uqla Hasan Saudi Arabia Al Omar, Wasim Awad Al Wasim Saudi Arabia Al Omari, Musa bin Ali bin Saeed Saudi Arabia Al Otaibi, Bandar Saudi Arabia Al Owshan, Abdul Aziz Sad Saudi Arabia Al Owshan, Saleh bin Abdullah Saudi Arabia Al Owshan, Salman or Sulieman Saudi Arabia Al Qaaid, Rashid Saudi Arabia Al Qahtani, Abdullah Hamid al Muslih Saudi Arabia al Qahtani, Jaber Hasan Saudi Arabia Al Qahtani, Jabran Said Bin Saudi Arabia Al Qahtani, Mohamed Saudi Arabia Al Qahtani, Sad Saudi Arabia Al Qurashi, Muhammad Abdur-Rahman Abid Saudi Arabia Al Rabeesh, Yusuf Saudi Arabia Ash Sabeei, Abdul Hadi Muhammad Saudi Arabia Ash Sabeei, Abdullah Saudi Arabia Ash Sabeei, Muhammad Jayid Saudi Arabia Al Sayegh, Adnan Muhammad Ali Saudi Arabia Al Shaher, Salem Saudi Arabia Al Shahrani, Muhammad bin Abdur Rahman< Saudi Arabia Ash Shaibani, Bandar Saudi Arabia al-Shammari, Majed Afas Radi al-Tumi Saudi Arabia R Al Shamri, Anwar Hamdan al Noor Saudi Arabia Al Sharbi, Ghassan Saudi Arabia Ash Shareef, Fahd Umar Saudi Arabia Ash Shareef, Sultan Saudi Arabia Al Shehri, Abdus Salam Ghaithan Saudi Arabia Ash Shehri, Saeed Ali Jabir ale Khuthaim Saudi Arabia Ash Shehri, Salim Saudi Arabia Al Shehri, Yusuf Muhammad Saudi Arabia Al Sulami, Yahya Saudi Arabia Al Umar, Ibrahim bin Umar Saudi Arabia R Al Unzi, Abdullah Thani Faris Al Sulami Saudi Arabia Al Unzi, Khalid Saudi Arabia Al Unzi, Rakan Saudi Arabia Al Unzi, Sultan Sari Saail Saudi Arabia Al Utaibi, Bajad bin Daifillah Saudi Arabia Al Utaibi, Bandar Saudi Arabia Al Utaibi, Muhammad Suroor Saudi Arabia Al Utaibi, Naif Fahd Al Aseemi Saudi Arabia Al Zahrani, Khalid Saudi Arabia R Al Zahrani, Sad Ibrahim Ramzi al-Jundubi Saudi Arabia Al Zahrani, Yasser Talal Saudi Arabia As Sabeei or Al Sabeei, Muhammad Jayid Saudi Arabia As Sabeei, Abdul Hadi Muhammad Saudi Arabia As Sabeei, Abdullah Saudi Arabia Aseeri, Turki Mashawi Zayid Ale Jabali Saudi Arabia Ash Shabani, Fahd Abdullah Saudi Arabia R Ash Shahrani, Muhammad bin Abdur Rahman Saudi Arabia Ash Shaibani, Bandar Saudi Arabia Ash Shamari, Zain Saudi Arabia Ash Shamri, Anwar Hamdan al Noor Saudi Arabia Ash Shareef, Fahd Umar Saudi Arabia Ash Shareef, Sultan Saudi Arabia Ash Sharikh, Abdul Hadi Saudi Arabia Ash Sharikh, Abdur Razzaq Saudi Arabia Ash Shehri, Yusuf Muhammad Saudi Arabia Ash Shehri, Saeed Abdul Jabir ale Khutaim Saudi Arabia Ash Shehri, Saleem Saudi Arabia Ashadouki, Mishale Saudi Arabia R Bukhari, Abdul Hakeem Saudi Arabia Fouzan, Fahed Saudi Arabia Ghazi, Fahd Abdullah Ahmad Saudi Arabia Hamza, Abu Saudi Arabia Joaid, Abdul Rahman Saudi Arabia Muqaddam, Murtada Saudi Arabia Noor, Yusuf Khaleel Saudi Arabia Saud, Abu Saudi Arabia Spain Ahmed, Hamed Abderrahman Spain R Sudan Ahmad, Rashid Hasan Sudan R Al Haj, Sami Mohy Eldin Sudan Al Qosi, Ibrahim Ahmed Mahmoud Sudan Babikir, Muhammad al Ghazali Sudan R Sweden Ghezali, Mehdi Muhammed Sweden R Syria Al Muhammad, Mahmood Syria Dukhan, Mamar Syria Tajikistan Nabiyev, Yusuf Tajikistan Sharofov, Rukmiddin Tajikistan Vohidov, Muqim Tajikistan Tunisia Hkimi, Adel Tunisia Lagah, Lofti Ben Suihi Tunisia Mabrouk, Adel Ben Hamida Tunisia Nasri, Riadh Mohammad Tunisia Ridha, Yazidi Tunisia Sassi, Mohammed Ben Sala Tunisia Sliti, Hisham Tunisia Turkey Bayifkan, Lutfi Turkey Celik, Abdullah Turkey Celikgogus, Yuksel Turkey R Eksi, Mustafa Turkey Kurnaz, Murat Turkey (German resident) Mert, Nuri Turkey R Sen, Ibrahim Turkey Sen, Mesut Turkey R Uyar, Salih Turkey R Uzel, Turgut Turkey Uganda Abdullah, Jamal Uganda R United Kingdom Abbasi, Feroz United Kingdom R Ahmed, Ruhal United Kingdom R Al-Harith, Jamal Udeen United Kingdom R Begg, Moazzam United Kingdom R Belmar, Richard United Kingdom R Dergoul, Tarek United Kingdom R Iqbal, Asif United Kingdom R Mubanga, Martin United Kingdom/Zambia R Rasul, Shafiq United Kingdom R Unknown Al Qadasi, Walid Unknown R Arbaish, Khalid bin Suleiman Unknown Maimoundi, Hassan Unknown Yemen Abd, Allah Ab Aljalil Abd Al Rahman Yemen Abdoh, Atag Ali Yemen Abdulraheem, Othman Yemen Ahmed, Fahmi Abdullah Yemen Ahmed, Faruq Ali Yemen Al Adahi, Mohamed Yemen Al Asadi, Mohamed Ahmed Yemen Al Askari, Mohsin Ali Yemen Al Assani, Fahmi Salem Yemen Al Azraq, Majid Hamoud Yemen Al Baasi, Mohsin Abdullah Yemen Al Bahlul, Ali Hamza Ahmed Sulayman Yemen Al Baidhani, Abdulkhaliq Yemen Al Busayss, Adil Said Al Haj Obeid Yemen Al Darbi, Ahmed Yemen Al Dhabbi, Khalid Mohamed Saleh Yemen Al Dhabi, Salah Mohamed Saleh Yemen Al Dini, Omar Saeed Yemen Al Ghaith, Abdurahman ba Yemen Al Habashi, Raafat Yemen Al Haimi, Basheer Al Marwali Yemen Al Haj, Sarqawi Yemen Al Hamd, Adel Saleh Yemen Al Hassan, Sameer Naji Yemen Al Kazimi, Ali Nasser Yemen Al Kouri, Farouq Ahmed Yemen Al Madhoni, Musaab Yemen Al Mahdi, Ali Yahya Mahdi Yemen Al Marwalah, Bishir Naser Ali Yemen Al Matari, Fahd Al Haimi Yemen Al Muhajiri, Abdulmajeed Yemen Al Mujahid, Mahmoud Abdulaziz Yemen Al Qadasi, Khalid Massah Yemen Al Rabahi, Abdullah Ameen Yemen Al Rahabi, Abdulmalik Abdulwahhab Yemen Al Raimi, Ali Yahya Mahdi Yemen Al Raimi, Ismail Ali Yemen Al Razehi, Ali Ahmed Mohammad Yemen Al Salami, Ali Abdullah Yemen Al Salami, Saleh Abdullah Yemen Al Samh, Adil Abu Yemen Al Sarim, Saeed Ahmed Yemen Al Shamiri, Mustafa Yemen Al Siblie, Abdullah Yahya Yousuf Yemen Al Suwaidi, Abdulaziz Yemen Al Tawlaqi, Fahmi Yemen Al Wahab, Abd al Malik Abd Yemen Al Warifi, Mukhtaar Yemen Al Yafii, Al Khadir Abdullah Yemen Al Zuhairi, Ahmed Zaid Yemen Al-Tis, Ali Hussain Yemen Amer, Jalal Salim bin Yemen Anam, Suhail Abdo Yemen Amro, Jalal Salem bin Yemen Anam, Suhail Abdo Yemen Aqeel, Sulaiman bin Yemen Batarfi, Ayman Saeed Yemen Bawazir, Mohammed Yemen Ghanem, Mohamed Ragab Abu Yemen Hamada, Mohamed Yemen Hamdan, Salim Ahmed Yemen Hamdoon, Zahir Omar bin Yemen Hassan, Imad Abdullah Yemen Hassan, Mohammad Mohammad Yemen Hatem, Saeed Yemen Ismail, Yasin Qasem Muhammad Yemen Kassim, Khalid Ahmed Yemen Khasraf, Mohamed Nasser Yahya Abdullah Yemen Mujarrad, Talal Ahmed Mohamed Yemen Murshid, Ayoub Yemen Omar, Othman Ali Yemen Qaid, Yaseen Yemen Qassim, Khalid Ahmed Yemen Quraish, Nasr Abdullah Yemen Rabeii, Salman Yahya Hassan Mohammad Yemen Rashid, Hani Saleh Yemen Salman, Mohamed bin Yemen Shaalan, Hani Abdo Muslih Yemen Utain, Riyad Yemen Uthman, Abdur Rahim Mohammad Uthman Yemen Wazeer, Abdullah ba Yemen