Excesses of Delta Force House?

In response to the ACLU’s Freedom of Information Act request, the Pentagon released over 1,000 pages of documents detailing abuses of prisoners detained by American forces in Iraq, including at least two major military reports on abuse. The overall conclusion of the reports (and other documents produced) is that while numerous… questionable… actions were taken against prisoners (including “sleep deprivation and playing loud music and limiting detainees to bread and water for extended periods up to 17 days and stripping at least one detainee naked”), such actions were, in the end, deemed “wrong… but not illegal.”
For her part, commenting ACLU attorney Amrit Singh (who, btw, is the Indian Prime Minister’s daughter) called the reports and other documents produced (which contained a number of redactions) “a whitewash.”
Perhaps, as Rush Limbaugh suggests, all abuses of detainees anywhere and everywhere by American troops or personnel should simply be written off as “blowing off steam” or something akin to fraternity pranks.
That way, we needn’t trouble ourselves with any, you know, hard questions.