The End Times?

I guess celebrity deaths famously “come in threes”, but I cannot recall another instance where the three involved were all regarded as visionaries, if not revolutionary geniuses, in their respective fields: legendary football coach Bill Walsh passed away at 75, legendary late night talk show host Tom Snyder passed away at 71, and legendary film director Ingmar Bergman passed away at 89.
Well, at least those three men managed to make it into their 70’s or beyond.
No explanation for why the youngest member of the United States Supreme Court, Chief Justice John Roberts collapsed at his vacation home in Maine and was taken to the hospital with an apparent seizure… Roberts is only 52. No explanation at all. Roberts did, apparently, collapse in a similar manner around four years ago, but it is unclear that doctors were able to pinpoint a reason (though Roberts was prohibited from driving for a while).
Who knows why these things happen?
Then again, around 1 in 4 Americans do believe that the Rapture will occur this year. Admittedly, electing George W. Bush and Richard B. Cheney to national office is tantamount to a self-fulfilling prophesy in that department… but perhaps they might be on to something…