Pelosi, Reid, Betray Us Petraeus

I was kind of amused to pick up a calendar in my office and see that, on successive days next week, on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, the holidays listed were [the Madison Avenue moniker for 9-11] “Patriot Day” followed by Ramadan and Rosh Hashanah… but that string of big religious holidays will be preceded by an even bigger faith-based initiative, the formal “Reading of Karl Rove’s Talking Points by General David Petraeus” on Monday. Bruce the Veep sends us this incredible polling data showing that the American people already expect Gen. Petraeus to lie, by a 53-39 margin.
And yet, the kabuki will go on. Speaker Pelosi and Leader Reid will go on handing blank check after blank check to the Bush Administration, as the hundreds more American lives, countless Iraqi lives, and hundreds of billions of dollars to be sacrificed will continue to take a back seat to Nancy and Harry (1) not being called bad things by Broder, Russert, et al. and (2) keeping Iraq front and center as an election issue for St. Hillary (even though by rights she should be disqualified because of her “Yea” vote in 2002 to authorize the discretionary carnage).
Hassan bar Sinister suggested to me that a lot of bloggers had given up the blogging ghost recently out of total disillusionment and frustration; I haven’t seen the stats, but I certainly understand the sentiment. The FISA sell-out was like a hard kick in the solar-plexus… to find out that you were betrayed by your dotty Grandmother Pelosi and your batty Uncle Reid… and that they were really working for the interests of President Whiplash and Vice-President Voldemort all along… yeah. It’s disillusioning, and it hurts. So, since one is numb already, and knows what they are going to do re: Iraq… one would think it wouldn’t hurt as much.
If only it worked liked that.