Why won’t the press report the GOOD NEWS FROM IRAQ?

Senator Kerry, addressing National Guard veterans at a convention in Lost Wages, Nevada, chided the President’s statements about Iraq as representing the President’s living in “a fantasy world.” The President, a man who famously has instructed his staff members not to give him any bad news about anything, remarked on the good stuff about Iraq… you know– “freedom”, Saddam in custody (we hear the old dictator’s kind of blue, btw– though not necessarily in a “blue state” kind of way… that would be Osama, according to the Bush-Cheney campaign), and the elections scheduled for… some time in January, 2005 (unless they’re not, of course; AQ may want to disrupt Iraq’s elections just like they want to disrupt ours… of course…).
For his part, Senator Kerry will give an Iraq related speech today at (TD alma mater) New York University. Among those who feel that the Bush fantasy discussion of Iraq could use a dose more reality is… the Bush-Cheney campaign’s Arizona state chairperson, some old senator…
Meanwhile, the President’s view of just how good things are going in Iraq continues to be borne out by the news, such as reports of a looming execution deadline for two Americans and a Britain captured by “Guy-who-Bush-refused-to-take-out Zarqawi” and the murders of two key Sunni clerics (amidst broader car bombings, shootings, etc.) Oh– did I mention that our Iraqi Head Puppet-Prime Minister Allawi reports that terrorists are just pouring into Iraq from all over the Moslem world?
What a Bad News Bear that guy is!
To paraphrase the great Poor Man, all of the naysaying in the world didn’t get one single Iraqi schoolhouse painted, now did it?
I have little doubt that the American people understand that this election is not about the economy, or national security, or terrorism, or Iraq, or anything stupid like that: it’s about picking the more regular guy– and the New England Brahman Prep School kid and Yale skull and bonesman who masquerades as a cowboy from Texas and famously pretends to be a moron (even though he is anything but) will kick the ass of the New England Brahman Prep School kid and Yale skull and bonesman who actually behaves like an intelligent adult and non-retarded human being.
Well, 43 days and counting; I pay extra special attention to the timing because (1) I’m pulling for TD friend Mike Jaliman to oust incumbent Republican Sue Kelly up in New York’s 19th C.D., as part of shoring up Democrats re-taking the House to act as a bulwark against GOP extremism (even if Kerry loses, which he won’t– btw, you’re about to see Kerry pour it on like a mother-fucker… really…), and (2) I’ll be running a marathon both two days before and five days after the election.
So… its running fall here! STAY TUNED!!! And may God continue to bless the United States of America.