Catch the Wave

Or waive, as in waiver, provided by Dick Cheney’s Chief of Staff, Scooter Libby, who allegedly finally waived confidentiality of co-conspirator, war criminal, and New York Times employee Judith Mililer, who reached a deal with the Valerie Plame case special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald, and accordingly, Ms. Miller was released jail, agreeing to testify about her conversation with Mr. Libby.
Well, well. With Tom DeLay actually under indictment, and Bill Frist under a cloud, and the Bush Administration still reeling from its mishandling of Katrina in every possible way (including its blank check to Halliburton after the fact to rebuild, which irritates actual conservatives, whoever they are…) now… this…
What gives? Alas, its looking like the deal is that Scooter may be the sacrificial lamb here… taking the bullet for Karl Rove the Bush Administration (it’s just that what with his new portfolio as Propaganda Minister of Hurricane Katrina Political Damage Control, Karl is just too important to go down for this one; I mean, for gosh sake, it was Karl who thought of having Laura appear on that home remodeling game show.)
While the wagons are circling, rest assured that the Democrats will be (unintentionally) taking the advice of “when your enemies are self-destructing, get out of their way…” The fact is, as disastrous a month as the Republicans are having, the Dems have, unbelievably, not managed to score any points. Why? Well, the fact remains… while the Republicans are a malignant force in national politics, and we have just learned, horribly incompetent in an actual crisis situation… they are disciplined, and consistently stand for something. Of course, as we learned from Katrina, what they stand for is the holy alliance of racism and rich people. And even with that obvious nastiness exposed to all… somehow… the Democrats manage to be even more inept…
Will Rogers said it best: “I belong to no organized political party; I’m a Democrat.”
Well… there’s a wave to catch… even “at least we’re not thieves…” SOMETHING! SOMETHING! Please?