Chicken little/chicken game

And the games continue… McCain’s campaign has cryptically declined to commit to attending tonight’s debate in Oxford, MS while House Republicans decided to be the sticking point with respect to Bush’s last parting shot in his ongoing effort to destroy this country financial bailout package and said House Republicans refuse to go along with the agreement between the Administration and the (forever caving) Democratic caucus… it seems McCain, who refused to endorse the agreement, even as he “off-the-record” insists he generally agrees with it, insists he must remain in Washington as “Mr. Consensus Builder,” quite a dubious proposition seeing as his performance has been kind of the opposite.
Meanwhile, outside of the palace gardens, the government was seizing Washington Mutual in the (by far) largest bank failure and government seizure in history, followed by selling the pieces to J.P. Morgan Chase for $1.9 billion (though up to $31 billion in potentially bad debt will be absorbed). Look for Wall Street to “not be pleased” at either the collapse of the bailout deal or the WaMu situation.
Congratulations, Sen. McCain. You have focused attention away from the debate and the collapsing momentum your campaign has suffered because of roiling economic news– an area where polls show voters trust you less. So now everyone, largely thanks to you, will be talking about… the economy, stupid. Or is it, the economy, mentally ill? Either way, Senator, all I can say is… good one.