Vox parvi populi

Thank goodness my hat isn't caught on his foot
Well, this was one of the rare movies that Mom took me to on one playdate, and Daddy took me to on another one. I am officially an expert on matters “HSM,” and of course, getting my parents to take me to G-rated movies as many times as I want to see them (given that there are so few of them.) Daddy kept asking if the dance moves were more like the ones in Western Nights… or Subways and Rooftops… what is he talking about?
Well, we’re a full week after “the Cool Guy Daddy Went to College With But Didn’t Know” won the Presidential election; how come he hasn’t fixed the economy yet? I ask my friends… who’s the President. They answer: Obama. But Daddy is at pains to remind me that until January 20th, it’s still Bush. Deep sigh.
Anyway, Daddy thanks all of you who keep coming here to see pictures of Ashley Tisdale and her dog; now you can enjoy a picture of the whole High School Musical 3 cast. Come for the teeny-bopper images; stay for the hard-hitting war on terror journalism.
This has been… vox parvi populi.