Colin Out; Condi In

The President seems not to be wasting any time in his cabinet shake-ups. Just hours after forcing/accepting the resignation of Secretary of State Colin Powell, the President announced his choice of National Security Advisor Incompentalleezza “Condi” Rice to replace him at State.
It’s becoming clear that the President now wants to use his “mandate”, i.e. 51% or so of the population has unequivocally endorsed his agenda of deficit spending to finance tax cuts for the super-well-off, aggressive, poorly planned foreign adventures (featuring atrocities like torture and killing of civilians), locking up citizens at whim, environmental degradation and an aggressive path toward national ruination on all spheres, and now wants to place pure, proven loyalists like Gonzales at Justice, Goss at CIA, and now, Rice at State.
You see, in this Administration, loyalty to the Emperor is what matters– not merely loyalty to the Imperium (we won’t even pretend its about loyalty to the Empire, the people, or any nonsense like that).
Frankly, I sit back here, and say this: It’s Bush’s team. He’s entitled to staff it with people he wants. If it’s a fucking disaster, it’s ultimate his responsibility, even if the voters seem willing to give him a pass, be it for the actual reason (pure meanness on the part of the American people that has more than a tinge of affirmative sadism) or the perceived reason (we have everything to fear– fear itself, swarthy people… Kerry… or any Democrat… can’t protect
us the way Emperor Daddy… Junior… whatever… can) for Bush’s reelection.
Our republic has survived venal people before. Of course, in general, at least those venal people usually had some basic levels of competence. We’re about to see if our Founders could anticipate not merely venal people, but venal and insanely stupid and irresponsible people.
We’ll likely survive this group too. However, no bets please.